29 Kasım 2008 Cumartesi

william gallas & chelsea

William Gallas'ın otobiyografisi "La parole est à la défense" geçtiğimiz hafta Fransa'da piyasa çıktı. Gallas, Chelsea günlerinde Milan'a transferi söz konusu olduğunda Peter Kenyon'dan neler çektiğini şöyle anlatmış: “Peter Kenyon, the chief executive, was against satisfying my demands. He made our life hell.
...In May 2006, I told the press of Milan’s interest and my desire to leave the club and of the very attractive offer Milan had proposed. ...This prestigious Italian team were offering me a salary higher than that which I was asking of Chelsea. ...Straight away, I was seduced. Not because of the Euros but of the faith a club gives you, the value they put on you. ...Chelsea said they wanted to keep me and their offer was still open. No one knows how laughable their offer was and what I deserved.”
Chelsea-Arsenal, Pazar 18.00

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